By Ann Marie R. Harvie

“Don’t worry, it’s just a phase. He’ll grow out of it.”

“Mom, developing superpowers is NOT a phase.”

Jenny knew her daughter was right. A smile played on her lips and she turned away from Lizzy and started on the supper dishes in order to conceal it. Some of the other moms will have doctors and lawyers for kids, she thought with pride. Ha! My son is a super hero!

She heard footsteps behind her and knew her son Joe just walked into the kitchen. She turned to see her 14-year-old open the fridge door as Lizzy glared at him. “Sweetie, there’s creme Brule for dessert, but my torch is broken,” Jenny smiled sweetly. “Would you mind?”

“Sure,” said Joe matter-of-factly walking over to four ramekins sitting on top of the stove. “Can I have one after?”

“Of course you can,” said Jenny as she watched her son blow fire on top of the desserts, giving them a perfect char.

Lizzy rolled her eyes at Joey and her mother. “Mom! Don’t encourage him!”

Joey ignored his older sister and gingerly picked up one of the warm ramekins. He pulled out a spoon from the cutlery drawer and walked out of the kitchen. His father nearly crashed into him on his way into the kitchen. “Watch out, Son,” he said in a good-natured tone.

Mark Sanders saw what was in his son’s hand as they passed each other. “Creme Brule! Yes!”
As her father headed straight for the desserts, Lizzy turned to her him hoping he would be the voice of reason. “Dad, Joey used his superpowers to light up the creme Brule,” she whined. “He blew fire in the house!”

Mark picked up a ramekin and a spoon. He dug into his dessert. “He saved dessert! Mom’s torch is broken, you know.”

Lizzy eyed her parents and let out an exasperated cry. Before she left the kitchen, however, she took a dessert and spoon. “My brother’s a superhero,” she mumbled as she left. “How am I going to face my friends? How the heck did this happen anyway?”

Jenny and Mark smiled as their daughter stomp out of the kitchen. Mark took a spoonful of the creme Brule and fed it to his wife. “Are you going to tell her?”

“Not yet,” said Jenny after swallowing the dessert. “Let her process that Joey has super powers.”

“She’s still an ordinary teenage girl?” he asked.

Jenny smiled and nodded. “Yes, whatever that is. She takes after you.”

Mark winked at his wife. “I think two heroes in the family is enough,” he said. “When will you begin his training?”

Jenny kissed her husband on the cheek before taking her own dessert. “How do you think he learned to breathe fire?” she asked.

Mark gave out a laugh. “You don’t even own a torch, do you?”

Jenny slyly shook her head. “Nope.”


Copyright 2018 Out of this World Publishing. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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